Part 1 Results

Use the information emailed to you to get your results below

Exercise Results

  • 0-5 points | You get very little physical exercise and to be healthier you will need to do more. Remember that ALL physical movement promotes improved health, both mental and physical
  • 6-10 points | Your present physical activity is positive, and better than most, but should be increased to improve your health and performance
  • 11-17 points | You get enough physical exercise and activity on a daily basis. Health wise you are probably in pretty good shape
  • 18-21 points | You are highly conscious of your physical exercise needs and proactive in your exercise regime. You are somebody who has successfully incorporated a sufficient level of activity into your daily life

Workout Results

  • 0-4 points | You get very little anaerobic exercise and therefore probably need more strength. This can make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight, and leave you vulnerable to osteoporosis
  • 5-8 points | Your workout is moderately anaerobic but lacks the intensity and resistance necessary to maintain sufficient muscle mass for strong bones, muscles, lungs and heart
  • 9-12 points | You are working out with excellent intensity, consistency, and resistance, sufficient to maintain strong muscles, bones, heart and lungs. This will greatly assist you in maintaining a healthy weight