Individual challenges work a bit differently than a group challenge. On the day that your challenge begins, you will receive a welcome email. The subject line will be Your 21 Day Challenge begins today.  That email contains a link that will take you to a page where you will see exactly what you see below. Proceed to fill in that form.

Create an account

Enter your name, the email address where you want to receive your daily reminder, and the password you want to use. Check the Agree box, and then click the Sign up button. This will take you to your dashboard, where you will see a green box with instructions.

Dashboard Green Instruction Box

Read these instructions, as they will give you detailed information about how to score and track your progress on your dashboard, as well as instructions on how to access your dashboard on your mobile device. When you’ve finished, click the X (top right in the green box). This will close the instructions box. You can always bring this box back up by clicking the ?. Now, click on Settings in the upper right hand corner.


Here you can set your time zone. Make sure that all boxes are checked to receive daily, mid-week, and final score emails, and upload your picture (this is optional).

You will also receive a Welcome! email. The subject line is Welcome! Your account is now active.

21 Day Welcome Email
Pay close attention to points 1 and 2 listed under A few things every new user should know, as it reminds you that you can go back and score your progress on previous days, but only in that week! Every Sunday, at midnight, your dashboard resets to “0”. Now click the Login to your dashboard here link in your Welcome email.

Sign in to your account

Now you can sign into your account with your email address and password. Doing so takes you right to your dashboard.


Finally, you will receive an email every day of the challenge.

Daily email

When you click on the link in that email, it will take you to your online dashboard, where you can score and track your progress.

If you need help or have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.