drinking-waterDRINK WATER OFTEN
Target: 6 twelve ounce glasses a day
Most people do not get enough water during the day to sustain a healthy functioning body.

Man comfortably sleeping in his bedGET YOUR SLEEP
Target: Average 8 hours of sleep per night
Having a sleep debt wreaks havoc on your metabolism, making it easier for you to feel tired and week.

Attractive fit young man stretching before exercise, sunrise earRUN
Target: 30 minutes 3 days per week
This is the best workout to prepare for your upcoming Fiesta race. Try to improve on your time, each time you run!

2818046328_dc189519c0CUT OUT PROCESSED SUGAR
Target: 7 Every day
Processed or refined sugar spikes blood sugar, and causes the body to feel instantly energized.

Target: 90-seconds 5 days a week
Isometric exercise is a great way to build strength and tone areas of the body quickly.

Woman Praying With BibleQUIET TIME
Target: 15 minutes every day
Get away from the TV, computer and phone, and give thanks.

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