I have been invited to take a group challenge, what do I do?

You should/will receive a link to a webpage (on this website), showing you the actions and start date for your particular challenge. On the day your challenge begins, return to that page and the Take the Challenge button will be live. Click on that button and create an account. When you do, you will be directed to your personal dashboard where you can score your progress daily with the challenge.

What is so magic about 21 days?

Many years ago a surgeon developed a theory that 21 days played a key role in habit formation, based on his work rehabilitating amputees. There is a very interesting history, and science, behind why 21 days may be significant when it comes to forming a new habit.

Why are challenges limited to only 7 actions?

From our experience, we believe it is best to limit the number of actions to no more than seven. When trying to stay on task with life changing actions, it’s best not to be overly ambitious. Too many actions can divide one’s attention making it harder to focus. Besides, science has now proven that in the brain 7 is a magic number.

Why is it better to start a challenge on Monday?

You may begin your challenge on any day of the week. However, the app that tracks and scores progress on your personal dashboard resets back to zero every Sunday night at midnight. Starting on a Monday makes it easier to track progress scores over 3-weeks.

What is the Weekly Score?

As each action is completed, you earn points assigned to that action as it is weighed out by percentage for the week. Each week, your weekly score starts at 0 and moves toward 100 as all of the weekly actions are completed. Your goal is to score a total of 300 points over the 21 days of your challenge.

Why can’t I edit last week’s actions?

Allowing you to edit the previous weeks actions would promote procrastination. The 21 day challenge is designed to help you stay intently focused on your actions. Scoring your progress daily or at least a few times a week, helps with that focus. The fact that your dashboard resets back to zero at the end of each week, motivates you to keep up.

Can I get my personal Dashboard on my mobile device?

Yes. First you must log into your Dashboard from a computer, then you can use your mobile device to update your progress. Just open your mobile browser and log in at app.irunurun.com. Then, save that page to your home screen by going to your browser settings and tapping “Add to home screen”. You can now get to your Dashboard with just the touch of a button.

What if I am not receiving the daily email reminders?

If you are not receiving your daily reminder emails, first make sure they are turned on under settings. If they are turned on, the most common issue is that the emails are getting filtered by a spam filter. First, check spam, bulk, or junk to see if you have any emails from donotreply@irunurun.net. If you find them there, mark one of them as ‘safe’ or ‘not spam’.

What is the origin of the 21 day fitness challenge?

The 21 Day Fitness Challenge© was developed by Dave Hubbard, America’s Fitness Coach®, in order to help people actualize the principals he has taught for over 30 years. Dave’s goal is to help people develop healthy habits they’ll stick with for the rest of their life.