Eating a healthy breakfast has been linked to health benefits such as weight control, improved concentration and a more nutritionally complete diet. However, most typical breakfast choices of cereals, pastries, smoothies, granola bars contain a lot of added sugar. For some people, having something sweet for your first meal may make it harder to resist sweets the rest of the day. Skipping breakfast isn’t a good idea either. It can cause overeating at lunch or choosing unhealthy snacks to curb mid-morning hunger.

Create a new healthy habit by starting your day with a savory breakfast to feel satisfied and avoid the mid-morning crash that often follows a sweet breakfast of cereal, pastry, or even a smoothie. A balanced breakfast should contain a balance of foods, such as lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and healthy fats. Start your day with a healthy breakfast such as:

    • Whole grain toast with a smear of an unsweetened nut butter, or a hard-boiled egg
    • Whole grain, no-sugar cereal and milk (examples – Trader Joe’s, Barbara’s, or Arrowhead Mills unfrosted shredded wheat, Post Grape Nuts, or Cascadian Farms Purely O’s)
    • Oatmeal with walnuts, fresh fruit such as blueberries sprinkled on top, and milk
    • Sautéed vegetables added to eggs or oatmeal

Make breakfast even easier by making your foods in batches and re-heating a portion each morning. Try these savory recipes:

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