Below are the actions that you will be committing to for your challenge. This challenge begins Monday January 23rd.

act1_nosugarLOW/NO SUGAR – Target: NO/LOW Sugar all week
Avoid Sugar for 26 days – Concentrated Fruit Juices, Maple Syrup, Honey, and especially Artificial Sugars (Stevia is allowed). Products containing 3g of sugar or less will be allowed. Reference >

act2_vegetablesVEGETABLES – Target: Consume 6 servings of vegetables each day
Consume 6 servings of Vegetables every day. You will received partial points for not eating the full amount – just enter the number of servings when scoring. Serving size >

act3_waterHYDRATION – Target: Drink at least 10 glasses of water each day (glass = 250mL or 1 cup)
You will received partial points for not drinking the full amount – just enter the number of glasses when scoring.

act4_workoutWORKOUT – Target: SXS Workout at gym or Remote Workout
Complete an SXS Workout at the gym or one of the Remote Workouts we created. No points for non-SXS workouts. We don’t recommend working out every single day – your body also needs rest to recover! Remote Workouts >

act5_dailychallengeDAILY CHALLENGE – Target: Changes Daily / Increases Weekly
Every day you will be asked to perform an exercise or wellness activity to help develop your overall Fitness & Health. Physical challenges will increase in difficulty each week. Ex. burpees, planks, yoga series, frog jumps, read articles. Daily Challenges >

act6_nutritionNUTRITION – Target: Rotates each week
The nutrition challenges promote eating whole, unprocessed foods: vegetables, fruits, lean meats, eggs, fish, legumes (beans/lentils), nuts and seeds. It excludes: grains, dairy, or alcohol. Nutrition Challenge details >

act7_lifestyleLIFESTYLE – Target: Pick any 2 to complete each day
Pick any 2 to complete each day for the duration of the Challenge. They can change each day depending on your schedule or preference. Mark 1 point for doing 1, 2 points for doing 2, Max 2 per day for scoring! Lifestyle Challenge details >

On the day your challenge begins the button below will be live. Bookmark this page, return on that day, click on the button and signup for the challenge. 

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