act1_NoSugarLOW SUGAR
Target: No baked goods, sweets, or sugary treats (5 days per week). Avoid baked goods and artificial sweeteners. You are allowed up to 8g per meal! Pre, during, and post-workout sugar intake are exempt. View Sugar-Free Chart

Target: Consume 5-6 servings of vegetables (5 days per week). Try to eat vegetables with every meal. You will receive partial points if you don’t eat all 6 servings. 1pt per serving with a daily max of 6. View Serving Size Chart

Target: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day (glass = 250mL). Drinking plenty of water each day keeps you hydrated and helps flush toxins out of your system. You will receive partial points if you don’t drink the full 10 glasses. 1 pt per glass with a daily max of 10.

Target: Complete the rotating Nutrition Challenge (5 days per week). There will be a different nutrition challenge each week. It will rotate between: Protein, High Fiber, and NO Processed Meats. View Nutrition Challenges

act5_PhysicalActivityPHYSICAL ACTIVITY
Target: Complete any physical activity (5 days per week). At least 45-60 mins of activity (running, hiking, biking, swimming, etc). Also includes sporting competitions and practices. Intense weight workouts may be shorter in time.

act6_DailyChallengeDAILY CHALLENGE
Target: Description: 6 different physical challenges and a reading/ viewing assignment (one per day). Physical challenges will include: Push-ups, Planks, Burpees, Butt-Burners, Side-Planks, and Sprints. View Daily Challenges

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