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Below are the 7-Actions you will be committing to with this challenge
This 21 Day Challenge Begins on Monday, April 4, 2016

act5_Workout1. WORKOUT
Target: 50 minutes a week
For detailed instructions and to learn specific exercises that you can do for your 5-10 minute workouts click here. To learn the difference between exercise and a workout click here

90-seconds 5 days a week
Isometric exercise is a great way to build strength and tone areas of the body when you don’t have access to equipment, or do not have much time to work out. read more

Target: 6 twelve ounce glasses a day
Drink at least 6 twelve ounce glasses of water every day. Most people do not get enough water during the day to sustain a healthy functioning body. read more

Target: Every day
Processed or refined sugar is “empty” calories. It spikes blood sugar, and causes the body to feel instantly energized. Then, low energy and a craving for more sugar. read more

Target: Every day
Wheat-based foods are very disruptive to blood sugar. As a result, the pancreas will need to pump out plenty of insulin. This, in time, can lead to insulin resistance. read more

Man comfortably sleeping in his bed6. GET YOUR SLEEP
Target: Average 7 hours of sleep per night
Research at the University of Chicago has found that having a sleep debt wreaks havoc on your metabolism, making it easier for fat to sneak onto your body. read more

Gospel of John7. READ THE BOOK OF JOHN
Target: Read one chapter a day
Since our memorization passage in Women’s Ministry is John 15, let’s read all 21 chapters of John during our challenge! As we build into our lives the discipline of good nutrition and fitness, let’s also build into our lives the discipline of feasting on God’s word daily. read more

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