1 to 7 days a week (You choose)
Good things, healthy things, happen when families eat together (and not with the TV on!) That meal all together can be where a family builds its identity and culture.

date-night2. DATE NIGHT
One night a week
Couples who schedule date nights into their busy lives lessen the chance of divorce and heighten marital happiness. Date nights also can increase communication in the relationship.

Turn off the TV3. TURN OFF THE TV
Target: You decide how many hours to per week
Add up the number of hours your TV is typically on per week, and choose how many hours you want to turn the TV off. The average U.S. adult watches more than 4 hours of television a day.

quiet-time4. QUITE TIME
Target: Average 15 minutes a day

Are you taking time every day to stop, be quiet, and give thanks to your creator? Are you a thankful grateful person? Are you taking a time to relax and think?

Target: One night a week
One of the most productive things you can do to assure togetherness as a family is to adopt the practice of setting aside one night each week just for family.